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Hair Growth Product Testimonial

eXoBalance™ is a breakthrough treatment for men and women with hair loss. Developed after years of research, it’s the first product to treat the underlying cause of all hair loss – an imbalance of the scalp from a lack of circulation, flora, nutrients and moisture caused by environmental, chemical and hormonal attack. This unique solution helps to stop hair loss and create vital new growth without side effects. Formulated with Vitaliste™, a patent-pending blend of plant-based ingredients, eXoBalance™ helps restore the scalp’s natural balance of circulation, flora, nutrients and moisture.

Hair growth before & after photo

SEM Hair Before PhotoSEM is a Scanning Electron Microscope. The first SEM shows a hair that is small and has no pigmentation on the tip. This hair is dormant due to the hair follicle being suffocated by debris and an over production of microorganisms that have reduced the circulation, moisture and nutrients of the scalp.

SEM Hair After PhotoNext, this SEM shows that after 3 months of using Exobalance, the hair is almost twice the size of the tip, stronger and is pigmented. By reducing the debris and microorganisms, the hair can grow out of the hair shaft. Circulation, moisture and vital nutrients increase the growth of the hair.

SEM taken by:

Laura Tuhela-Reuning, PhD Ohio Wesleyan University.


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