EXO Balance Hair Regrowth Solution Restore Your Hair Naturally

Hair Growth Product Testimonial

ExoBalance was formulated by Steve Constantino the founder and President of NatuGen Labs. NatuGen Labs develops natural health and beauty products that are safe and effective! Mr. Constantino has been a formulating chemist in the hair and skin care industry for over 25 years. Working with both conventional and contemporary raw materials, Mr. Constantino prudently concentrated on a dependable and effectual formulation to successfully reverse hair loss, breakage, and thinning.

ExoBalance is the first of a complete line of complimentary hair re-growth products. For clinical studies, patent information, approvals, testimonials or other related information, please contact NatuGen Labs as noted on the “Contact Us” page of this website where you’ll talk to a live person!

NatuGen Labs provides technical evidence to ensure its products perform as described and corroborates all claims with quantitative and qualitative substantiation. While visible improvement will be seen after 6 to 8 weeks, if ExoBalance Hair Re-growth Solution is used as outlined in the package instructions, many users will begin to see initial results after just 21 days.

EXO BALANCE™ Hair Regrowth Solution Natural Hair Growth Solution
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